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Paul Stansen, Attorney|Broker ( CA|CO )

Competitive Advantage


We bring a depth of vision, specialization & action with:

  • frequent, clear communications,
  • superior negotiation skills,
  • legal / tax / practical advice, &
  • informed decision-making.

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Prop 19 | Capital Gains

How does PROP 19 apply to you?
Long Term Ownership
Tax on Cap Gains

We help clients make decisions about paying, deferring or eliminating tax on capital gains. We confidentially gathers, reviews, discusses & then implements sound real estate sales, estate planning, & tax strategies.

Your Competitive Advantage – I Am Personally Involved:

The ability to make informed decisions is vital to a positive outcome.
To this end,

  • I stay involved with you in every step – from start to finish,
    • There is no one between you and me!
  • We regularly communicate – candidly / openly / meaningfully / purposefully,
  • to help bring about your desired results.


  • We improve lives. In big ways through informed decision-making based on facts, finance, legal, estate planning, and tax analysis. In vitally important personal ways through human connection and meaningful communication. And, in simple, practical ways. But in all ways, we improve lives.


    • From property ownership to ‘home’.
    • From ‘nest egg’ to positive NET proceeds.
    • From NET proceeds to improved quality of life.
    • Resulting in enjoyment & satisfaction.
    • From burdensome debt to improved cash flow.
    • From higher interest rates to better terms / pricing.
    • From just debt to debt that increases property revenues / value thru renovations.
    • Resulting in improved bottom line profitability.


  • Clients First Integrity Excellence Informed Decision Making • Comprehensive Representation

I understand real estate from the inside out having been an active Realtor®-Broker and Attorney for 30+ years. My goal, in every representation, is to foster informed decision-making based on your unique circumstances. Together, we consider realistic options and act on those that maximize NET proceeds while mitigating legal & tax liability exposures. I am ready, willing & able to deliver superior comprehensive services.

Why Engage Me as Your Specialist

  • There is no one between us – you receive 100% personal attention.
  • I stay personally involved in every representation, from start to finish.
  • “Plain speak” that fosters informed decision-making.
  • Prompt, precise communications.
  • Licensed Broker-Realtor CA & CO & Attorney CA & CO.
  • 30+ Years Seasoned Specialization.
  • TEAM representation with best local Realtor partners.
  • I UNDERSTAND real estate from the inside out.
  • 100’s of representations – property values exceeding $350,000,000.
  • I Deliver → Legal, Real Estate, Tax, Practical & Useful Advice.
  • I am dedicated to positively resolving your concerns.
  • I am passionate about real estate & helping clients!
  • I take you seriously.

In the end, I provide relief, solutions, and peace of mind. I am a highly communicative professional, your advocate, very knowledgeable in real estate and business matters (in particular) and other concerns too (from tax matters, to estate planning, litigation, and family law concerns). If I cannot assist you, I will aim you toward professionals who can.

In light of market volatility, if you know of anyone who is not getting their questions answered have them give us a call.  Our team has over 60 years of experience and is always ready and willing to answer questions.

Call me at 888-529-6632 or email me here.
Let’s confidentially discuss your situation.
We client focused, resourceful, and solution oriented.
Collaboratively, we will implement the best strategy that fits your needs.