Commercial Brokerage + Loan Representation

Hospitality, Retail, Office, Industrial, Special Use Properties

The past several months have been busy helping clients restructure global debt!
I have represented commercial properties exceeding $180,000,000 in value in loans with $70,000,000 in loans successfully CLOSED.
EVERY FILE I have submitted for lender consideration has been reviewed, approved, and funded!

Additionally, I list clients’ commercial investment properties for sale AND representing them in new purchases / 1031 Exchanges (read below). Representing clients in my dual Attorney / Broker has proven to give them a distinct negotiating advantage not to mention immediate access to legal and tax advice!

Interest rates
while still historically low
 on the rise.
Are you facing loan reset or maturity?
Thinking of refinancing or purchasing a new commercial property?
I can help!

Want a competitive advantage getting your loan? Here’s how.  

Remember, because I am your attorney, all conversations, documents, everything is confidential attorney-client work product.

Simply reach out to me HERE for a no obligation, no cost, 3-STEP (see below) assessment of your investment property!

We will candidly discuss your objectives, timing, and needed documentation. This is followed by a quick but precise debt analysis that may lead to a formalized engagement agreement.

Simply reach out to me HERE for a no obligation, no cost, discussion of what you are interested in selling, buying, price requirements, financials, and timing. 

If you are selling, we will have a candid discussion about the property you are selling, shape the right listing price based on financials, I will prepare a presentation package that can be shared online (i.e., CREXI), we will create a war room of review documents, etc. 

Selling and/or Buying, we will help you effectuate a 1031 Exchange. The main requirements for a 1031 exchange are: (1) must purchase another “like-kind” investment property; (2) replacement property must be of equal or greater value; (3) must invest all of the proceeds from the sale (cannot receive any “boot”); (4) must be the same title holder and taxpayer; (5) must identify new property within 45 days; and (6) must purchase new property within 180 days.

If you are buying, I will conduct a preliminary review of what’s on the market that fits your financial and other needs so that we can begin the process of narrowing those properties you are interested in advancing to a Letter of Interest to start purchase negotiations.

You hold a competitive advantage in every transaction with my 30+ years seasoned expertise coupled with my attorney licensure and acumen that will carefully guide you through escrow / title, transactional documentation, and due dilgence. My personal involvement ensures you are actively participatory in every step of the important decisions that surround your investment in commercial real estate. 

Loans – Refinance and Purchase Money

No costNo commitment.
Just a fair in depth financial assessment
to help you decide “what next” and "when".

Having worked through several refinances over the past several months, I understand what you have endured. Many of my clients endured the Pandemic and business has finally returned in earnest with increasing revenues. But there are still issues swirling in the economy with inflation, challenges finding and keeping employees, and global tensions all of which are projected by many economists to last well into 2023.

These concerns affect you particularly if existing business debt is subject to interest rate reset or maturity?

That is where I can assist. With no cost or obligation to you, I invite confidential conversation such as:

  • Using refinancing as a tool to
    • reposition your investment,
    • improve cash flow,
    • consolidate debt,
    • source funds for needed capital improvements,
    • source “cash out” for reserves
  • When does existing debt mature forcing you to refinance?
  • When do the prepayment penalties end or at least reduce?
  • How can acting today give you the clarity of thought to focus on your business revenues?

NOW is the time to re-evaluate your debt structure / terms / pricing before inflation locks you into higher interest rates. Be proactive to protect your positive cash flow!!

    • All data is carefully reviewed before submitting anything to lenders.
    • ALL documentation, EVERY communication is confidential attorney-client work product.
    • The process has become more complex, but we simplify and expedite.
  • Lender approval is dependent on solid financials / borrower liquidity!
  • Lenders require the list of documentation set forth below.

Please use my secure Server that encrypts all incoming messages & financial data - avoid email.

Print List of Needed-Documents

I need to understand your financial situation and business. Please upload

  • Promissory Note/s – for ALL LOANS
  • Mortgage Statement/s – Most recent for ALL LOANS w/Lender contact info
  • 2019+2020+2021 Complete ( FEDERAL ) Tax Returns, all schedules, for Business Entity
  • 2019+2020+2021 + YTD 2022 – Profit & Loss Statements & Balance Sheets
  • Liquidity Statement demonstrating 10% of loan request + supporting bank statements

At NO initial cost to you, your information / documentation will be reviewed resulting in written findings, thoughts, & strategies.

If it appears a refinance is needed and supported by data presented, I will present you with an exclusive representation agreement that establishes my scope of work, and which manages expectations.

Thereafter, I will gather additional needed documentation (see Item 4 above) to create a presentation package that will be shared with several competing lender prospects who will bid for your business (the loan) with the best possible rates and terms.

Tell me more about the owners. From EACH 20%+ owner/s, please upload:

** HOTEL OWNERS – please upload:

  • Any recent APPRAISAL ( dated within last 5 years )
  • STR REPORT ( most recent if not an independent )
  • ADR Report ( Average Daily Rate per Room )
  • Occupancy Report
  • Franchise Agreement ( if applicable )
  • Construction Bid Estimate if Renovations are to be paid from loan proceeds

Interactive Forms

** These forms originate from WFB for information gathering purposes only.
** WFB may or may not be a lender to which request will be made.

** Commercial Property Loan Calculator
** CAP RATES - What is good and How to calculate

Brokerage Services – One Stop Comprehensive Representation

Broker & Attorney
Real Estate • Legal Advice

Beyond professionally helping with refinancing existing loans, many of my clients use me in my BROKER capacity to list / market / sell their commercial investment properties then pivot to locate and purchase replacement investment properties often in a structured “1031 exchange”. Clients leverage my legal and tax expertise throughout every transaction and representation.

As an example, I closed a 1031 exchange as described above. The downleg property sold was a hotel located in San Simeon and the replacement property purchased was a $10,100,000 retail center (Colonial Square) located in Bakersfield, California.

  • I represented my clients in the purchase of the upleg property in my Broker capacity
  • I negotiated the purchase money loan for more than $6,000,000
  • Throughout the entire transaction, I represented my clients on legal and tax matters.
  • I additionally negotiated the Property Management Agreement for a local firm to manage the 41,238 SF shopping center

Testimonial: Commercial Hotel Loan Broker 

Posted by Dhaval Panchal, Commercial investor of multiple properties

Paul was hired by our company to refinance a loan for one of our hotels. Paul is very:

  1. Smart, extremely knowledgeable in his field of work
  2. Responsive, picks up the phone when called or returns calls ASAP – nearly 24-7
  3. Organized, VERY organized!!
  4. Gets the job done with the least amount of stress to us.

He did such a great job on our first hotel we hired him to refinance our 2nd hotel as well. And then our 3rd Hotel!!!

Bottom line Paul gets the job done, pleasant to work with and is extremely knowledgeable as a Loan Broker/Attorney!!!

You care about your investments?
Are you interested in enhanced cash flow?
You want peace of mind? 
Hire Paul!