Your Competitive Advantage

As a 30+ year seasoned Realtor®-Broker/Attorney, I add value to the collaboration with my realtor partners / sellers / buyers by proactively providing the comprehensive representation.

The majority of time, I collaboratively work residential real estate with best local Realtors to bring about positive results for you.

I stay personally involved in every file – start to finish

  • My objectives include:
    • Helping you make informed decisions *
    • Maximizing NET sales price *
    • Mitigating legal & tax liability exposures *

Collaboration is both a process & an outcome.

  • It blends perspectives & expertise.
  • It involves ALL participants including escrow & title.
  • It brings everyone to the table to communicate openly, freely, meaningfully.
  • Ask me about my unique lead-generating capabilities that target very specific prospects for the right reasons!
  • My data & information fosters more exacting & comprehensive client representation.

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Leverage a Competitive Team Advantage
I collaborate with realtors in ways to increase productivity & benefit clients with comprehensive representation.

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With repeated success, I offer:

  • A Unique Selling Position
  • Unique Lead Generation Data
  • Responsive Communication
  • Implementation of Strategies
  • Legal / Tax / Real Estate Advice
  • Superior Negotiation Skills
  • Digital Transaction Coordination
  • Risk Management
  • Participation in Marketing Costs

I help Sellers achieve goals thru informed decision-making supported by facts & legal/tax/real estate/practical advice.

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My team provides & promotes:

  • Full-Service Representation
  • Superior Listing Services
  • Precise Marketing
  • Maximized NET Proceeds
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Legal / Tax / Real Estate Advice
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Contract Drafting
  • Frequent & Meaningful Communication

I help Buyers navigate & assimilate data in order to make informed decisions about what properties to target & why.

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My expertise & team instills:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Confidence in Negotiations
  • Legal / Tax / Real Estate Advice

Deep knowledge about targeted properties & respective sellers can make all the difference between pursuing a home … or not.

My team helps you secure the “right” property on favorable terms for the right reasons.

Compensation Structure

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ALL Clients

I work with clients, buyers & sellers, regardless of whether it is a distressed or traditional sale, via an Attorney-Client Representation Agreement as required by the State Bar of California, my business practice done in concert with my E&O insurance carrier. Some representations are done on a flat fee or on an hourly fee basis.

Short Sales

On short sales, I work with Realtors either as co-listing Broker or via a Referral Agreement that defines the respective scope of responsibilities. In both scenarios, the general allocation of scope of work is as follows:

  • Realtors list / market / sell
  • I provide legal & other advice and negotiate with lender for short sale approval.

Regular – Traditional Sales

On traditional representations, I work with Realtors most always as co-listing Broker or sometimes via a Referral Agreement with

  • responsibilities,
  • costs and
  • commissions shared equally.