I have my time and expertise to sell .. that, and an unwavering, disciplined, dedication to solving your concerns.

Most typically, my compensation comes from commissions in real estate transactions where there are NO / ZERO hourly fees unless I am tasked to providing work outside the realm of a sales transaction.

Sometimes I work on a flat fee or hourly basis depending on the task, your situation, and our agreement.

We discuss these matters at the outset so we are both on the same page. Every representation is formalized, in writing, at the outset so that participants:

  • embrace the contractual / financial commitment &
  • understand the objectives, scope of responsibilities & expectations.

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Initial Strategy E-Session

In an initial strategy * session we will:

  • 1. Establish the key facts upon which you can make informed decisions,
  • 2. Provide a framework for legal / tax / real estate advice,
  • 3. Explore go-forward strategies to help you achieve your goals.

* Cost is $150 paid via PayPal prior to session.
* Once fee is paid, email a summary of your situation along with PDF copies of whatever documents you want me to review.
* Initial session includes up to thirty (30) minutes of my time including a brief phone call, if needed.

* NOTE: Cost for review of “initial real estate transaction documents” is $500. Review is narrowed to:

  • up to sixty (60) minutes of my time including a brief phone call, if needed
  • email initial offer and supporting contracts drafted by Realtor/s
  • I will collect, review, send you property background documents
  • I will review parties to transaction and representing Realtors
  • I will comment about how transactional contracts are drafted & recommend changes, if appropriate
  • Services beyond foregoing are billed at my hourly rate (see below)

** DEFINITION: RFA-11 = Referral Fee Agreement 

Traditional Sale Compensation

In traditional sales, whether representing or co-representing a Seller or Buyer, my compensation comes from:

  • As listing Realtor®-Broker, my standard commission is at least 6% if a house or 10% if unimproved land.
  • Most often, I co-represent & as a Realtor®-Broker.
    • Cooperating Realtor and I enter into a RFA-11 to share in commission.
    • Client signs a Representation Agreement per State Bar protocol & my business practice because I am providing Legal Advice.  
    • My fee, is 50% of the listing (typically 3.5%) or selling office commission.
    • I participate in a commensurate share of the expenses too.
  • Occasionally, Clients ask me to represent them only in my attorney capacity. The fee structure is similar to the foregoing description & set forth in a Representation Agreement.
  • In all instances, my payment is authorized to be disbursed directly from escrow.

Distressed / Short Sale Compensation

In short sales, my compensation comes from a combination of:

  • (as a Broker) participation with Realtor partner in the listing office commission (at least 3.5%) via an RFA-11
  • (as an Attorney) Client retainer via a Representation Agreement
  • My fee, paid from whatever source/s is 50% of listing office commission.
  • In all instances, my payment is authorized to be disbursed directly from escrow.

Loan Modification Compensation

  • In loan modifications, per California law, no fee can be charged until the end of representation.
  • Once a determination is made by lender about approving or rejecting the modification request, my fee is based either on a stipulated flat fee or paid on an hourly basis @ rate of $425 per hour.
  • Attorney & Client enter into a Representation Agreement at the outset of the assignment so that there is certainty of cost and agreement between both Client and Attorney.

Hourly or Flat Fee Compensation

  • On most other representations, I receive a retainer against which I bill on an hourly basis.
  • My hourly rate is $425 per hour.
  • On occasion, depending strictly on the nature of the representation, I may take on a file on a stipulated flat fee OR hybrid reduced hourly & contingent fee basis. I rarely represent on a contingent fee basis.
  • Where necessary and appropriate, I bring in co-counsel to assist and only with Client agreement.