As a real estate professional, I offer up my time and expertise as a real estate specialist to clients. That, and an unwavering, disciplined, and dedication to solving your concerns. My goal is to help all clients make informed decisions.

Most typically, my compensation comes from commissions in real estate transactions where there are NO / ZERO hourly fees charged unless I am tasked to provide work outside the realm of the sales transaction.

Sometimes I work on a flat fee or hourly basis depending on the task, your situation, and our agreement which is formalized, in writing, at the outset so that:

  • we both understand the objectives and agree upon the scope of my work, &
  • expectations are managed.

ServicesFinancial Distress | Realtor Collaboration | Legal Matters | Loans

If you have questions, call me or send an email.

I will listen to / read your summary situation.
I will comment quickly & precisely on whether I can assist.
If I cannot help, I may provide a referral.
If I can help, I will let you know how & suggest a strategy after conducting preliminary research.
At this point, I will ask you to pay my fully earned 2-hour consultation fee via PayPal

Our, your and my, goal is to:

  • 1. Establish the key facts upon which you can make informed decisions,
  • 2. Provide a framework for legal / tax / real estate advice,
  • 3. Explore go-forward strategies to help you achieve your goals.

On most other representations, I receive a retainer against which I bill on an hourly basis.

My hourly rate is $525 per hour, 2-hour minimum ($1,100) paid by Check, Cash or Credit Card via PayPal here. Invoicing is emailed to you for payment.

** Note: PayPal account is NOT required. 
** Note: PayPal is 100% secure & encrypted.

On occasion, depending strictly on the nature of the representation, I may take on a file on a stipulated flat fee OR hybrid reduced hourly & contingent fee basis. I rarely represent on a contingent fee basis.

Where necessary and appropriate, with Client agreement, I collaborate with co-counsel to assist (i.e., litigation matters).

In traditional sales, commercial or residential, whether representing or co-representing a Seller or Buyer, my compensation comes from:

As listing Realtor®-Broker, my standard commission is 6% if a residential / commercial property or 10% if unimproved land. Half is earned by me, and the balance is paid to a cooperating Broker.

**NOTE: I NEVER represent seller and buyer in the same transaction as it is a conflict of interest.

Often, I co-represent & as a Realtor®-Broker.

  • My collaborating Realtor Partner and I either Co-List a property or we enter into a Referral Fee Agreement to share equally in commission.
  • We enter into a Representation Agreement per State Bar protocol & my business practice as I am providing Legal Advice.  
  • My fee is 50% of the listing (typically 3.5% of the 6% charged) or selling office commission if you are my buyer client.
  • I participate in a commensurate share of the expenses (i.e., marketing) as well.

Occasionally, Clients ask me to represent them only in my attorney capacity. The fee structure is similar to the foregoing description & set forth in the Representation Agreement.

In all instances, my payment is authorized to be disbursed directly from escrow.

I have secured more than $65,000,000 in REFINANCE and PURCHASE MONEY loans in the past year. The value of these properties exceeds $170,000,000.

When you engage me to process a commercial loan:

  • we enter into a representation agreement,
  • my fee is a percentage of the loan amount actually funded,
  • my fee is contingent upon a loan actually funding,
  • is in addition to whatever fees / costs the lender may charge,
  • is paid from escrow when the loan funds.

The amount of compensation and points you pay is dependent on numerous factors including timing, difficulty of loan and/or property and/or borrower nuances. 

Any work requested that is outside the normal processing of a loan request is charged to client and paid on an hourly basis / see above.