It is my honor to have the opportunity to assist my clients and to work collaboratively with my Realtor partners. I am focused on helping my clients make informed decisions that moves each one to a better place.

Commercial Hotel Loan Broker – 3 REFIs Post-Covid!

Posted by Dhaval Panchal, Commercial investor of multiple properties

Paul was hired by our company to refinance a loan for one of our hotels. Paul is very:

  1. Smart, extremely knowledgeable in his field of work
  2. Responsive, picks up the phone when called or returns calls ASAP – nearly 24-7
  3. Organized, VERY organized!!
  4. Gets the job done with the least amount of stress to us.

He did such a great job on our first hotel we hired him to refinance our second hotel as well. And then our third hotel!!!

Bottom line Paul gets the job done, pleasant to work with and is extremely knowledgeable as a Loan Broker/Attorney!!!

You care about your investments?
Are you interested in enhanced cash flow?
You want peace of mind? 
Hire Paul!

It could not have happened without Paul’s expertise and persistence

Posted by Jack and Melissa Columbus, Ohio, Real Estate Sellers-Clients

  • As real estate investors for 40 years in Ohio, Melissa and I thought we had experienced every challenge in buying and selling properties. We found that selling our vacation home in Santa Ynez (CA) had more issues than we could have imagined.
  • Through Paul’s leadership we were able to address every issue, remain firm on our price and not lose the buyer over an extended period of time.
  • We are convinced this never would have happened without Paul Stansen’s counsel and for that we are most appreciative.

Miracles Do Happen

Posted by Shannon and Miles R. – Santa Ynez, CA
Litigation & Real Estate Clients

  • Paul is a miracle worker.
  • Referred from a friend, he guided us through the difficult, drawn-out process of rescinding a home purchase due to non-disclosures.
  • Fortunately, things were resolved in mediation, with Paul advising us throughout.
  • Paul’s expertise, persistence and wit was invaluable during the journey to the resolution of our predicament.
  • Paul went above and beyond in representing us as a Realtor in both the sale of one property and the purchase of another, closing both of the deals smoothly.

Saved From Foreclosure

Posted by Lisa, a Real Estate Client

  • I had my first phone call with Mr. Stansen about 48 hours before my home of 25 years was to be auctioned in a foreclosure sale.
  • He confidently and quickly led us out of foreclosure and into a conventional and equitable sale of our home with a team of professionals with him.
  • I cannot recommend him highly enough.
  • He was kind and understanding of our stress levels throughout the entire process.
  • A true pleasure to work with.

Great Short Sale Negotiator

Posted by Janet, a Realtor

  • Paul assisted one of my clients as a short-sale negotiator.
  • His professionalism, expertise and attention to detail were impressive. I found his attitude to be refreshing, and he responded to emails and calls in record time.
  • Paul managed to get short-sale lender approval 20 days after seller accepted an offer, and the escrow closed on time 30 days later. My client has expressed to me how much she appreciates all he did to assist her with the process.

Best in the Business

Posted by a Realtor-Broker / Investor

  • The sign of a good attorney is one that creates more results than costs.
  • After being in the industry for years, Paul Stansen is amongst the most results driven attorney we have come across.
  • Since meeting Paul only a short time ago we have already completed the acquisition of several short sale properties. In addition, we have worked with Paul in developing new business with potential short sale Sellers.
  • These results are truly exceptional. We continue to use Paul as his expertise is second to none and we will consult with him on other legal issues regarding properties that we acquire.

Paul Stansen equals RESULTS!!!

Posted by a Realtor-Broker

  • As a Real Estate agent who has experience with closing several “Short Sales” I found myself about to lose my first short sale transaction. It was discovered that there was a $42,000 judgment against the property, the buyer decided to back out, the property was scheduled for a “Trustee Sale” within two weeks and the lender refused to grant me an extension.
  • As a last resort, I swallowed my pride and called Paul Stansen, who had done a presentation several months earlier at our office. I did not hold out much hope that even Mr. Stansen could negotiate a successful short sale transaction with the seemingly insurmountable number of obstacles that I had asked him to leap over!
  • Not only did he negotiate a settlement of $2,000 on the original $42,000 judgment, but the Trustee Sale was also postponed “As a direct result of Paul Stansen’s track record of Professionalism” a quote from the lender’s negotiator, we were able to close a success transaction after only 3 weeks of Mr. Stansen’s involvement. Thank you, Paul Stansen!!!

The Man on Point

Posted by Anthony Rodriguez a Real Estate Client

  • Paul assisted my family with a short sale, and he saved us from disaster!
  • As a man, he is genuine, intelligent, and full of raw courage. His efforts have given my family a peace and stability that we have not felt for quite some time.
  • He responds to emails quickly and is absolutely transparent with information as well.
  • As I went to work each day during this difficult time, it felt great to have a warrior like Paul defending us. This Independence Day will be uniquely special one for my family, and we have Paul to thank for that. If you have to go to battle, you want Paul on point. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart Paul!


Posted by Pam, a Real Estate Client

  • Paul handled my complex real estate short sale with impeccable skill, navigating and negotiating with Bank of America and buyers in timely manner.

Highly Recommended!

Posted by Mark, a Real Estate Client

  • Paul saved me from losing my house to foreclosure and actually got it sold for more than I owed, allowing me to pocket a much-needed 5-figures.
  • I was in big trouble because I was locked into a listing agreement with a charismatic, yet incompetent, Realtor. I watched in horror as the foreclosure clock ticked down and he did nothing but bumble around.
  • I counted the days until I could get out of the agreement. I then immediately hired Paul with instructions to do whatever he could to save me from foreclosure, now mere weeks away. Now, after months of doing nothing, the other guy tried to confuse me with double-talk and then actually blocked our attempts to list the property!
  • It’s situations like this that you want a Real Estate Attorney and not just a Realtor. Paul took care of that problem within a day. Without Paul, the delay tactic might have cost me my house.
  • Not only does he get results, but he also explains to you exactly and very clearly what he’s doing and what the current status is.
  • He is unbelievably organized and also has some very useful connections with lenders, which proved to be a godsend.
  • Great guy, too. Having him on my side was a pleasure every single moment and his speed with dealing with the crooked Realtor saved my financial future. I give Paul my strongest possible endorsement.

Mold / Lease Agreement

Posted by Blake, Agoura Hills, CA, a Real Estate Client

  • My wife and I found 2 places of potential mold within in our rental property after being there nearly 5 years. We have a 2-year-old and 8-month-old, so I wrote a letter to the Property Manager asking to get out of the lease due to potential mold in 2 places. This was not the first time we found mold in this home, the first of which we had to move out for 2.5 months on our own dime. Having dealt with this Property Manager previously, I was inclined to use Professional help as I knew the communication with the Prop Mngr was poor and the responses would not be in my favor.
  • I asked Paul to get involved and get me out of my contract. Most importantly, I did not want to be involved with the communication and dealing with this Property Manager.
  • Paul took the reins like a pit bull and started shooting off letters left and right. The Property Manager made this as difficult as possible but, in the end, Paul was able to not only get me out of my lease but created a settlement in which the owner owed me a half month rent back with full security deposit within 2 days of MIMO.
  • Never once did I have to fear the big bad Property Manager who never even replied to my initial letter.
  • Live and learn, always use a professional like this when they know what they are doing.
  • Worth every penny and I’d do it again ten times over.

Paul Seals the Deal

Posted by Debi, a Real Estate Client

  • Paul was fantastic, thorough, and relentless, everything we needed to make our short sale happen.
  • His expertise was unmatched, and his efforts were boundless.
  • We truly appreciate all his efforts on our behalf.

Top shelf Attorney and Broker

5.0 stars – Posted by Gerald – December 24, 2021
Paul handled a delicate and complicated situation over the course of nearly two full years – in terms of guidance, legal support/action, and a property sale.

  • From the start he laid out a course of action which was very direct and clear, but what made me comfortable is that he presented it very confidently but with compassion and an understanding for what I was feeling personally. I felt like he truly empathized with my circumstances, listened to my point of view, and essentially acted as a true sounding board while already crafting a game plan on which for us to execute.
  • I never felt that I did not know where we were headed, but in a way felt I was still in control of my path, yet I was in the good hands of a true professional.
  • I have worked with many attorneys both personally and in a business setting, so I can certainly attest to the good and not so good of attorneys, and Paul checks all the good boxes. Again, he brings a personal touch to the work where you know he genuinely cares. That is huge.
  • However, equally on a professional level and knowledge of his craft, he would be tough to match. He has a way of reciting the law but also communicating it in a way that is easy to digest and follow. Paul is also very reliable and consistently in touch seemingly at need. I acknowledged he has several clients and a full plate at all times, but never did I feel like I was on the backburner – it was as if my issues were front and center and always his priority. No client can expect that, but I feel like that’s what I got.
  • To be fair, a review is not legitimate without at least one critique, but honestly the only thing I would say is that he could have convinced me sooner to take his advice and stop sitting on my hands It was ultimately only my hesitation and stubbornness, but he did not stop short of giving me his two cents in that regard – and that is much respected and probably his true value. And even when I delayed in decision making, he found a way to make up for that in some way. Really amazing.
  • On the real estate side of things, his experience and knowledge of the market and conditions is top notch. He was spot on with listing price and took prudent steps to ensure a quick and successful sale. Again, all the while over-communicating progress and any next steps along the way. I have sold a few properties through the years, but I have never felt so supported. I love that I could just chime in but essentially “STAY OUT OF IT!”

Got to deeply thank Paul for everything and highly recommend.