Financial Distress

Short Sale & Other Options »

We understand circumstances change.

We realize you may find yourself unable to service mortgage payments & other debt for any number of reasons. We’re here to help you explore & act on options:

  • Reinstatement
  • Repayment
  • Forbearance
  • Loan Modification
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  • Deed in Lieu

Broker / Realtor

Traditional Sale Brokerage Services »

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I bring a depth of vision, expertise & action as a 30-year Realtor to every file focusing on:

  • frequent communications,
  • power negotiations, &
  • informed decision-making.

My clients are involved in every step of the transaction & negotiations in order to bring about desired results with the help of real estate, legal, tax, & practical advice.

Legal Services

Transactional & Litigation Services »

Call for a Complimentary consultation!

I am available to act as your Attorney in ..

  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law Concerns

And, where reasonable minds can’t or won’t find common ground, then ..

  • Dispute Resolution / Litigation
  • « Expert Witness Services »

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Capital Gains

Particularly among Baby Boomers and an aging America this is a huge and growing concern.

While it’s true that many home sellers don’t have to report the transaction to the IRS, under certain if you’re one of the exceptions, knowing the rules will help you hold down your tax bill.

We are uniquely qualified and licensed to provide legal and tax advice in the context of selling your personal residence to mitigate or eliminate capital gains tax. Please look here ⇒

Estate Planning


Developing a plan for your estate necessarily includes all aspects of your finances & real property interests. That’s where I can assist.

Working collaboratively with your tax & financial advisers, I draft estate planning to help ensure that your plans reflects your legacy wishes particularly as it relates to the disposition of your real estate and/or proceeds from the eventual sale of it.

If you own real estate & other assets, you need to protect them.

5 Most Important Estate Planning Documents – Read more HERE »