Mortgage Default

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Cash flow challenges may affect your ability to service mortgage payments & other debt for any number of reasons. We're here to help you explore & act on realistic options:
  • Cure-Reinstatement
  • Repayment
  • Forbearance
  • Loan Modification
  • » Short Sale »
  • Deed in Lieu
  • Foreclosure

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Our team brings a depth of vision, expertise & action with focus on:
  • frequent, clear communications,
  • superior negotiation skills,
  • legal / tax / practical advice, &
  • informed decision-making.
We involve you in every step of the transaction to bring about desired results.

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Options, Opportunities, Solutions.

Things change as we age. We help clients make decisions about home ownership. » Transactional & Litigation Services »

Reasons to Engage Me

Engaging me connects you to the combined expertise of a 30-year real estate Broker • Realtor (licensed in CA & CO) and an Attorney (licensed in CA & CO), together with a strong & practical background in tax law. This benefits you because every matter requires both honed in specialization AND a broader common sense perspective and solution-based response.

Importantly, I am personally involved in every file. There is no one between us!

My 360° representation approach is highly focused & streamlined. At the outset of every engagement, (together) we establish a clear set of written tasks, addressing expectations, options, & sets an understanding of ‘costs’ (personally, financially, and time commitment-wise) in order to bring about desired results.

In short, the primary reason I am hired is because I provide relief, solutions, and peace of mind. I am a highly communicative professional, your advocate, very knowledgeable in real estate and business matters (in particular) and other concerns too. If I cannot assist you, I will aim you toward professionals who can assist.

Call me at 888-529-6632 or drop me an email and let’s discuss your situation. More information here & here.

Mitigate Capital Gains Exposure

For an aging America, particularly homeowners who have owned their properties for more than 15+ years, there is a strong probability that it has appreciated in value. Some of that value increase is potentially taxable if not otherwise exempt under the Internal Revenue Code.

We are uniquely qualified, and licensed, to provide legal & tax advice in the context of selling your primary residence to mitigate or eliminate capital gains tax. Call or email us for a consultation.

» Understanding Capital Gains

Legacy & Estate Planning


Developing a plan for your estate necessarily includes all aspects of your finances & real property interests. That’s where I can assist.

Working collaboratively with your tax & financial advisers, we draft estate planning to help ensure that your plans reflects your legacy wishes particularly as it relates to the disposition of your real estate and/or proceeds from the eventual sale of it.

If you own real estate & other assets, you need to protect them.

» 5 Most Important Estate Planning Documents
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