Need an SBA (Small Business) Disaster Loan?

SBA Disaster Loan Assistance

You can go direct BUT, the smart decision, is to gain the competitive advantage of our real estate and legal services!

The Application Process – How Do I Apply?

Call 888-529-6632 to discuss or send email inquiries to

  • All data gathered is protected confidential attorney-client work product.
  • We thoroughly review all documentation, work with you, before submitting anything.

We advance your request for new or refinance funds by incrementally gathering needed data that is refined then presented to lender candidates which best fit your requirements. We are highly communicative, prompt & precise. If you have thoughts, questions, concerns, just call or email!

In short, to get us started, please provide:

  1. ♦ On Owner letterhead or email, a written summary statement of objectives & timing
  2. ♦ Property Information
    Address / APN of collateral property &
    Property Type (residential, commercial – office, R&D, light industrial, retail, hospitality)
  3. ♦ Current Loan Information
    Most recent monthly mortgage servicing statement
    Mortgage Servicer payoff statement – Email or FAX to 818-332-4238
    Promissory Note/s – signed by borrower

We will review the foregoing at NO COST. When / Where there’s a need for clarification, we may engage you in a brief phone call to discuss relevant matters. Soon thereafter, you will receive an email from us with a binder of documentation that serves to shape advance / formalize the Application Process along with an explanation of charges for professional services to be rendered.

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Interactive Forms

**These forms originate from WFB for information gathering purposes only; WFB may or may not be a ‘submitted to lender’.


**NOTE: Currently we work with certain properties and loan amounts only. If we can’t help, we will endeavor to refer.