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We are receiving many calls asking for assistance with PPP and EIDL concerns. Consider looking first at www.sba.gov for answers. If you can’t find an answer and choose to call us, we will endeavor to help. Expect a one-hour / $425 minimum charge to field your call and respond. We recommend you 1/ make a fully earned $425 PayPal payment, then 2/ email us your (a) PPP / EIDL application and supporting documentation tendered to the SBA that resulted in a funding along with (b) your questions. We respond quickly. Thank you!

Some of the U.S. business sectors most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, including the hotel and restaurant industries, have gotten a surprisingly small share of the loan relief provided by the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) so far.

The hotel and restaurant sector has experienced the biggest chunk of job losses since March, accounting for 5.74 million, or 32%, of the 18 million private sector jobs lost, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But small businesses in that sector have received just $41.5 billion—or 8%—of the $514.9 billion in PPP loans approved as of June 20, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

SBA 2020-0414 Update
Regarding EIDL $10,000 Advance

Tons of misinformation out ‘there’ .. we will help you cut through the ‘stuff’ to simply / effectively make application for EIDL & PPP relief. If you already applied, we can help negotiate / cultivate your loan request to approval. If not yet applied, do so now – below!

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Economic Injury Disaster LoansEIDL
Fee Based – Retainer Paid By Client

Paycheck Protection LoansPPP 
Fee Paid by SBA through Lender

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We stay personally involved throughout the application process to shepherd data to increase likelihood of approval. We provide legal and tax advice in California & Colorado.

Beyond the Form Application, Lenders require Supporting Applicant Information / Financial Documentation. » PRINT NEEDED PPP+EIDL Supporting Docs

PayChex 2020-0410 – Webinar
Options, Facts & Overview

» Delays in producing needed info / docs may cancel your application/s
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EIDL – Economic Injury Disaster Loans

SBA may additionally request the following so complete and return these too.

PPP – Paycheck Protection Program

** Disclaimer: I am a licensed California/Colorado Attorney / Consultant / Real Estate Broker providing fee-based services with EIDL assistance; fees on PPP loans generate SBA paid compensation that is shared (as a referral fee) with Lenders when your PPP application is submitted.

We are not the SBA. We are not affiliated with the SBA in any way other than as Consultants acting on behalf of clients. While you can go direct if you wish, we carefully / confidentially review everything and discuss with you before submitting to SBA. This ensures that the underwriters are most likely to have key information at the outset without requesting more or seeking clarifications. If more data is needed, we promptly inform you, gather/review before submitting to SBA for consideration.

SBA Loan Options · Highlights

  • Our TEAM is uniquely qualified by decades of experience in law and lending, to guide our clients through the SBA EIDL loan application process of securing a disaster loan for your small business. Our services are fee-based.
  • We work collaboratively with small business owners to gather, shape, and submit needed documentation that is aimed at expediting the review / approval process.
  • Understanding your situation helps us expedite your application. Once the preliminaries are established, we are engaged by a representation agreement and a third party authorization letter that enables us to confidentially discuss your matters with others.

Essentially, the SBA looks for:

  • Applicant to demonstrate LOSS from disaster – that is, a quantifiable reduction of business revenues
  • Applicant to define operational NEEDS – that is, business costs such as salaries, fixed expenses, etc  needed to stay in business (even in the absence of customers / clients) – P&Ls, tax returns, ID, etc.
  • Does EIDL Applicant have the CAPACITY to service additional debt spread over (up to) 30-year amortization

Importantly, as with any interaction with the Federal government, the process can be detailed, time-consuming, and complex in many ways. The regulations are still evolving with regard to these loans, so stay tuned for updated information. The key takeaway is that the SBA is trying to reduce the requirements as much as possible, to grant and loan as much money as possible, and to provide more lenders to administer these loans.

We help with your online loan application and document submittals and (in CA & CO) we provide legal & tax insight and advice. Your competitive advantage is that our TEAM has decades of real estate, lending, legal, tax and practical expertise. We confidentially gather key needed information and upload your applications. We interact with the SBA on EIDL assistance and with SBA-approved & FDIC insured lenders on PPP assistance.

Determining Eligibility

Look here for your business: SBA Table of Size Standards_Effective Aug 19, 2019_Rev

The SBA table of size standards – assess your business size to determine whether you are considered a “small business”. This site has two options –an electronic document (use the Find “CTRL-F” function on your browser) or a size standards tool if you know your NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System).

We work with most business areas with a focus on these – but please email/call to discuss your situation:
Sector 71 – Accommodation Services – 72110 – Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels
Sector 23 – Construction, Sector 53 – Real Estate, Sector 54 – Professional & Technical Services

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Online Application

LINKS – General COVID-19 Resources