Tax on Capital Gains

If you are reading this page, your home, it is likely that your home has appreciated in value! You may be contemplating what to do about parlaying unrealized profits into other assets, to conduct estate planning, or to take other action.

Appreciation -value increase- is great news but it comes with tax on capital gains which is a particularly huge concern for an aging America. The Silver Tsunami is Coming.

Some of that value increase is likely taxable as a Long Term Capital Gain if not otherwise exempt under the Internal Revenue Code.


We have specific thoughts about your options.

If you are considering selling, we will provide ideas, insight, technical information, and strategies that address your 3 basic options to contend with potential tax on capital gains.

  • Pass title at death with a stepped-up basis, or
  • Pay tax on Capital Gains in the year of sale, or
  • Defer or eliminate the taxas much as $37,000 on every $100,000 of Capital Gains!

To advance your thoughts, at no charge, please call or email me to schedule a confidential meeting to discuss property values, competition, timing, the economy, trends, tax estate planning, cash flow, retirement aspirations, and implementation of strategies.

Just ask. We will calculate your potential tax on capital gains!

As you can imagine, there’s a lot that goes into refining the tax analysis which requires refinement and communication. We work with you to get the numbers as close to right as possible so you can best assess your options.

I am a 30+ year real estate professional (Attorney & Broker). I stay personally involved in your file from start to finish collaborating with the best estate planning and tax attorneys and local Realtors to advance your best interests. Ours is a common sense, balanced, & communicative TEAM EFFORT. With combined 100+ years expertise in real estate brokerage, law, estate planning, and tax, we will help you make informed and positive decisions to maximize your position!

Let’s confidentially discuss your options!

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