Legal Services

Real Estate

Estate Planning

  • Understanding Estate Planning
  • Will (Pour Over to Trust)
  • Living Trust + Funding Instructions
  • Durable Power of Attorney
    • incapacity required or not
    • property management
  • Advance Health Care Directive
    • HIPAA Release Authorization
  • Pet Protection Agreement


  • Transactional Concerns
  • Real Estate Contract Review
  • Broker Custom & Practice
  • Title Concerns
  • Easement Disputes
  • HOA Disputes
  • Expert Witness

Have an issue you want to discuss? – Email me a summary outline of your concern. I will assess & respond quickly. If I can’t assist, I will refer you to someone who can.

I Am Your Best Advocate · Here’s Why

Broker • Realtor (licensed in CA & CO) and an Attorney (licensed in CA & CO)

  • I stay personally involved in the file, from start to finish
  • There is no one between us; you receive 100% personal attention
  • 30+ years expertise
  • Broker-Realtor AND Attorney licensure
  • NO HOURLY or FLAT RATE FEES where I am listing Realtor-Broker
  • I UNDERSTAND real estate from the inside out
  • $350+ MIL in hundreds of representations
  • “Plain speak” that helps you make informed decisions
  • Prompt, precise communications
  • Legal, Real Estate, Tax, Practical advice giving
  • TEAM representation with best local Realtor partners
  • Most importantly, I take you seriously
  • I am passionate about real estate & helping clients!

In the end, I provide relief, solutions, and peace of mind. I am a highly communicative professional, your advocate, very knowledgeable in real estate and business matters (in particular) and other concerns too. If I cannot assist you, I will aim you toward professionals who can.

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Should You Represent Yourself?

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Solutions, Strategies, & Action

Some think they can solve their issue alone or that the problem will just go away. Hiring an attorney might trigger feelings of anxiety. You don’t know what to expect, you may be concerned about what will happen, how long resolving the issue might take, and chances are you may have never experienced any legal trouble before.

Many spend significant time researching their problem on the Internet and in blogs, books & videos only to eventually realize the information is conflicting or ambiguous or simply that their issue is just too complicated to solve on their own.

In fact, most see the positive upside of engaging an advocate who acts as a buffer between them and with whomever they have a conflict .. an advocate who possesses the requisite credentials & expertise to promptly & precisely solve your concerns.

Beyond what I handle directly, I often assist clients’ CPAs, Financial Planners, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Family Law &/or Estate Planning Attorneys with real estate analysis & brokerage services that serve to mitigate legal / financial / tax liabilities.

On real estate transactions, I work collaboratively with a team of hand-picked Realtors, specific to your neighborhood, to list · market · sell  and/or find you your next home.

Importantly, you are involved in frequent meaningful communication that fosters informed decision-making and that instills knowledge, confidence & peace of mind in me and the process of dispute resolution.

In every representation, I am constantly working to ..

  • Establish key facts upon which you can make informed decisions,
  • Provide the framework for legal / tax / real estate advice, &
  • Recommend go-forward strategies to help you achieve your goals.

* Client involvement ensures there is full understanding of key pivot points that affect outcomes.

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Family Law Attorneys & Mediators

Family inside house

One of the largest assets and liability in the “community” is real estate. As a result, it can become a huge pivot point in the disposition of settling the community. To this end, as a Broker-Realtor® & Attorney, I am immediately prepared to assist family law firms and mediators with the following matters:

  • Property Valuation
  • Brokerage via Team Representation
  • Procure / Interpret Preliminary Title Report
  • Negotiate Lien Releases
  • Mitigate Legal and Tax Liability
  • Expert Witnessing
  • Contract Interpretation & Drafting
  • Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Court Pleadings

Working collaboratively with family law attorneys & mediators, along with the Court, we are more likely to bring about a quicker and less expensive resolution. Not every dissolution of marriage has to be contested. Voluntary settlements are desireable and within your grasp!

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