Every representation is formalized, in writing, at the outset so that participants:

  • embrace the contractual / financial commitment &
  • understand the objectives, scope of responsibilities & expectations.

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Initial Strategy Session

In the initial strategy session * we:

  • 1. Establish the key facts upon which you can make informed decisions.
  • 2. Provide the framework for legal / tax / real estate advice.
  • 3. Recommend go-forward strategies to help you achieve your goals.

* Initial session includes up to one hour of assessment & advice-giving.
* Cost is $100 paid via PayPal.

** DEFINITION: RFA-11 = Referral Fee Agreement 

Traditional Sale Compensation

In traditional sales, whether representing or co-representing a Seller or Buyer, my compensation comes from:

  • As listing Realtor®-Broker, my standard commission is at least 6% if a house or 10% if unimproved land.
  • Most often, I co-represent & as a Realtor®-Broker.
    • Cooperating Realtor and I enter into a RFA-11 to share in commission.
    • Client signs a Representation Agreement per State Bar protocol & my business practice because I am providing Legal Advice.  
    • My fee, is 50% of the listing (typically 3.5%) or selling office commission.
    • I participate in a commensurate share of the expenses too.
  • Occasionally, Clients ask me to represent them only in my attorney capacity. The fee structure is similar to the foregoing description & set forth in a Representation Agreement.
  • In all instances, my payment is authorized to be disbursed directly from escrow.

Distressed / Short Sale Compensation

In short sales, my compensation comes from a combination of:

  • (as a Broker) participation with Realtor partner in the listing office commission (at least 3.5%) via an RFA-11
  • (as an Attorney) Client retainer via a Representation Agreement
  • My fee, paid from whatever source/s is 50% of listing office commission.
  • In all instances, my payment is authorized to be disbursed directly from escrow.

Loan Modification Compensation

  • In loan modifications, per California law, no fee can be charged until the end of representation.
  • Once a determination is made by lender about approving or rejecting the modification request, my fee is based either on a stipulated flat fee or paid on an hourly basis @ rate of $425 per hour.
  • Attorney & Client enter into a Representation Agreement at the outset of the assignment so that there is certainty of cost and agreement between both Client and Attorney.

Hourly or Flat Fee Compensation

  • On most other representations, I receive a retainer against which I bill on an hourly basis.
  • My hourly rate is $425 per hour.
  • On occasion, depending strictly on the nature of the representation, I may take on a file on a stipulated flat fee OR hybrid reduced hourly & contingent fee basis. I rarely represent on a contingent fee basis.
  • Where necessary and appropriate, I bring in co-counsel to assist and only with Client agreement.